About me

I am a freelance artist based in East Lothian in Scotland, a few miles from the centre of Edinburgh. I produce detailed architectural illustrations and historical reconstructions using digital techniques; computer-based 3D modelling and animation.

I produce artwork for inclusion in property guidebooks, interpretive signage, audio-visual, video and interactive multimedia programmes found in exhibitions, museums and visitor attractions. My clients include The Royal Collection Trust, Historic Environment Scotland, Historic Royal Palaces, English Heritage and Glasgow School of Art.

About my work

The focus of my work is the production of high-detail visualisations and animations using computer 3D modelling techniques. The visual interpretation of historic buildings and monuments are subjects that interest and fascinate me the most, although I do take on other types of work. Medieval and Victorian architecture and our industrial and seafaring heritage are among my favourite subjects.

My methods and treatments

I am a digital artist but a lot of my time is spent treating the artwork to give it the look of more of a traditional illustration. I use computer modelling for the purpose of visualising complex subjects rapidly. The technique also allows me to produce a range of different views of the same model and it is essential for producing animations. A further benefit is being able to make major changes if new information becomes available at a late stage in the development of the artwork.


Art, design and computing have been major interests of mine since my school years. My background and qualifications are in media and communication. Video, film and interactive multimedia production was my line of work throughout the 1990's where I worked as a graphics artist. I am not an architect, historian or archaeologist, although I am obviously very passionate about all three of these subjects. Much of the information which I use to base my historical reconstructions comes from a variety of different sources including achaeological findings, researched historical documents, consultation with experts and from the study of other sites where there are thought to be similarities in design and construction.

My interests

When I’m not creating artwork I’m usually researching, reading or off out exploring historic sites for inspiration and reference for my projects. I am a member of the National Trust for Scotland, Historic Scotland and the Scottish Castles Association where I have made many new friends with a shared interest in these great buildings.

How to commission my artwork

If you would like to commission me to produce an illustration, please have a read of this Information Booklet (PDF 40Kb) which explains how I go about my work, timescales, fees, copyright etc. If there is anything that is not covered in the booklet that you would like more information on, then please get in touch .

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