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Please use the form on this page to email me if you would like more information on my work. Alternatively, call me on the following number (9-5pm Mon-Fri).

0131 663 2700

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For enquiries about using the works displayed on my website please see Licensing Information, Rates & Prices


I get very busy! I work on my own and the work I do is extremely time-intensive and often protracted. I consider all invitations for new commissions but I regret that sometimes I may have to decline an offer if I can't fit it around my other professional commitments or if the client's deadline restricts my ability to produce work to a high-standard.

If you would like to commission me to produce an illustration, please have a read of this Information Booklet (PDF 40Kb) which explains how I go about my work, timescales, fees, copyright etc.

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