Caithness Broch Project

Caithness Broch Project

Replica Iron Age Broch 3D Model

Throughout 2020, I worked closely with the Caithness Broch Project team to develop a set of computer visualisations of their replica iron age broch design, which they aim to construct in this northernmost region of the Scottish mainland. These visualisations show what the replica broch design might look like, set within a generic landscape. The project's aim is to build the full-scale replica broch using traditional techniques and to create a permanent visitor attraction in Caithness, including a dry-stone workshop. The challenge is to build the broch as authentically as possible, yet maintain compliance with modern building regulations. When planning permission is eventually granted, this will be the first broch to be built in Scotland in almost two thousand years.

Why the mysterious Scottish broch is making a return

BBC (28 July 2022)


Artist: Bob Marshall
Client: Caithness Broch Project
Image Copyright © Bob Marshall 2020. CC BY-NC-ND 4.0". Image licensing