Bob Marshall

Illustrated cutaway reconstruction of Deer Abbey (16th Century)

Deer Abbey

Illustrated cutaway reconstruction (16th Century)

Deer Abbey

Illustrated historical reconstruction

This illustration is a reconstruction and cutaway visualisation of the Cistercian abbey of Deer in Aberdeenshire as it may have looked in the 16th century. Little remains of the original building apart from the stone foundations and some of the structure of the Abbot house, kitchen, refectory and dormitories although there have likely been many modifications made to this over the centuries.

This illustration was commissioned by Historic Scotland for an interpretive panel at the site with the help of expert consultants and archaeologists.

One of our original plans for this illustration was to show the event of the funeral of the abbey's founder, William Comyn the Earl of Buchan. While this would have certainly added interest to the illustration, there was some doubt cast as to whether this event actually took place and if in fact the Earl was buried at Deer Abbey at all.

Remains of the Cloister at Deer Abbey
Remains of the Cloister at Deer Abbey

Artist: Bob Marshall
Client: Historic Scotland
Image Copyright © Historic Scotland 2011

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