Bob Marshall

East Lomond Fort illustrated historical reconstruction

East Lomond Fort

Illustrated reconstruction

East Lomond Fort

Illustrated historical reconstruction

Reconstruction illustration of East Lomond hill fort, Fife, Scotland.

This is my impression of what the fort on the summit of East Lomond Hill might have once looked like in the early medieval Pictish period (300 - 900AD). The remains of the fort comprise of a summit enclosure with a series of outer defences constructed of earth, timber and stone.

The hilltop has been used as a burial site since the bronze age. Hillforts like East Lomond were fortified centres for Iron Age tribal groups that are thought to have been used in times of refuge and for seasonal gatherings. Many of these sites were later reused as the fortified residences for Early Medieval kings. Archaeology carried out in 2014* identified the presence of a metal-working site, which may have been located within part of an early medieval Pictish annex to the main fort which I have shown in the foreground of my illustration.

* East Lomond Hill, Fife - Community Excavation Data Structure Report 2014. Living Lomonds Landscape Partnership.

Artist: Bob Marshall
Client: Fife Coast and Countryside Trust
Image Copyright © Fife Coast and Countryside Trust 2016

Artwork production time: 96 hours (2-3 weeks approx)

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