Bob Marshall

A reconstruction illustration of Eyemouth Fort (1558)

Eyemouth Fort

Illustrated reconstruction (1558)

Eyemouth Fort (1558)

Illustrated reconstruction

Built in 1547, Eyemouth Fort was one of the first Trace Italienne or bastion fortifications built in Britain. The original fort was constructed by English troops following a short war known as the "Rough Wooing". A temporary peace followed and the fort was demolished in 1550. However, with the appointment of Mary of Guise as regent in Scotland, tensions between Scotland, England and France soon escalated again. This time it was the French who took control of and extended the coastal fort.

My illustrated reconstruction shows Eyemouth Fort as it might have appeared during its modification by French troops in 1558. The French occupation was short-lived and by 1560, the fort was again demolished following the signing of the treaty of Cateau-Cambresis. The fort at Eyemouth was never used again, however by this time the English had used similar design and building techniques to strengthen the fortifications at Berwick-upon-Tweed, just a few miles to the South.

My illustration is based on the 3D virtual model created by the Open Virtual Worlds (OVW) group which also depicts the fort at the time of the French occupation.

Eyemouth Fort
Eyemouth Fort (detail view)
Eyemouth Fort
Eyemouth Fort (detail view)

I wish to acknowledge The University of St. Andrews Open Virtual Worlds (OVW) group, SCAPE Trust, Dr. David Caldwell and Historic Environment Scotland for their assistance and guidance with this project.

Artist: Bob Marshall
Client: The Friends of Eyemouth Fort
Copyright owner: © The Friends of Eyemouth Fort 2016

Artwork production time: 198 hours (4.5 weeks)

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