Bob Marshall

A reconstruction illustration of the Great Hall at Tintagel Castle around 1260

Great Hall, Tintagel Castle

Illustrated reconstruction cutaway (c.1260)

A reconstruction illustration of the chapel at Tintagel Castle around 1350

Chapel, Tintagel Castle

Illustrated reconstruction (c.1350)

A reconstruction illustration showing Tintagel during the dark ages

Dark Ages Settlement, Tintagel

Illustrated reconstruction

Tintagel Castle

Reconstruction illustrations

Interpretive reconstruction illustrations produced for an exhibition opened at Tintagel Castle, Cornwall in July 2015. These impressions depict scenes from three different periods in the castle's history: the castle's Great Hall, the chapel and earlier dark ages settlement.

The remains of Tintagel Castle Great Hall
Remains of the Great Hall
The present day ruins show the footprints of the Great Hall (c1260) and two buildings from later periods: a smaller hall (c1340) and a cottage (c1500) in the foreground. In the background just behind the kitchens, are the remains of the original curtain wall. The holes in the masonry are 'putlog holes' and were used for erecting timber scaffolding during the building of the wall. The relatively thin curtain walls suggest that these were for intended more for show than for defence.
Remains of the chapel, Tintagel
Remains of the chapel
The remains of Tintagel Castle Great Hall
Remains of dark age buildings at Tintagel (foreground)

Artist: Bob Marshall
Client: English Heritage
Image Copyright © English Heritage 2015

Artwork production time: Great Hall: 120 hours (3 weeks), Chapel: 97 hours (2.5 weeks), Dark Age Buildings: 52 hours (1.5 weeks).

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